Biomedical datasets

Biomedical datasets

MEG data (1997)

Contributed by the ICA group at Helsinki UT (external link)
Download the data (external link)

The data presented in this page contains ongoing MEG data, collected by Professor Riitta Hari and Dr. Veikko Jousmäki at the Brain Research Unit, from the Helsinki University of Technology. It consists of ongoing 122 dimensional MEG data, contaminated with several artifactual sources. Their SNR vary from sufficiently high to be visible, to too low to be perceived.

Cutaneous potential recordings of a pregnant woman (1989)

Contributed by Lieven De Lathauwer
Download the data (external link) (385 Kb)
More info about the dataset (external link)
How to read the data (few lines of code) (external link)

The data consist of 5 sec (2500 samples) of an 8-channel cutaneous potential recording of a pregnant woman, sampled at 500 Hz:

  • column 1: time steps
  • columns 2-6: abdominal signals
  • columns 7-9: thoracic signals


  • D. Callaerts, “Signal Separation Methods based on Singular Value Decomposition and their Application to the Real-Time? Extraction of the Fetal Electrocardiogram from Cutaneous Recordings”, Ph.D. Thesis, K.U.Leuven – E.E. Dept., Dec. 1989.
  • L. De Lathauwer, B. De Moor, J. Vandewalle, “Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction by Source Subspace Separation”, Proc. IEEE SP / ATHOS Workshop on HOS, June 12-14, 1995, Girona, Spain, pp. 134-138.