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This site aims to be a repository of resources for researchers in the field of Latent Variable Analysis (LVA) and Signal Separation, as featured in particular by the LVA conference series. It pursues the endeavor of the original ICA Central website focused on independent component analysis and blind source separation.


All the material was contributed by users. Please contribute and advertise your own resources! This will take you a few minutes only. To do so, just follow the guidelines for contributing datasets or software.


Check the available synthetic and real-world datasets for applications such as audio, MEG, image, machine vibration…


Check the available software and code for general Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation or for a specific application field.

Discussion group

As a complement to this wiki, the mailing list lvalist@googlegroups.com is devoted to discussions and annoucements about Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation. For more information and to subscribe/unsubscribe, check the group webpage.

Other resources

Proceedings of the LVA/ICA conference series

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