Contribute a new dataset

To contribute a new dataset, please

  • create an account (external link) (you will need to enter the code lva2012 to avoid spamming)
  • login and go to the wiki page below corresponding to the nature of your data (synthetic, audio, biomedical, other)
  • click on the Edit link at the bottom of the page and add a new section for your dataset (the datasets are ordered according to the year of collection)
  • click on the Save link at the bottom of the page to save your modifications

Please make sure to provide at least the following information:

  • name of the dataset and year of collection
  • contact information (name, institution, email address or web page)
  • link to the dataset
  • short description of the dataset (nature of the data, number of sensors and samples, license, etc)

If possible, please upload the dataset at a stable URL on the website of your institution and provide its URL only. If not, you may attach the dataset to the wiki page as a single .ZIP or .TGZ file instead.

Evaluation Campaigns

A number of large-scale datasets for audio and biomedical signal separation are available from the websites of the following evaluation campaigns:

Using these datasets will allow you to compare your results to those of many other people.

Synthetic signals

Audio datasets

Biomedical datasets

Other datasets